Navigational Charts

We be starting at Bacaro Smuggler's Cover around 7PM ish, head up to the top deck! Then we'll be hiting each establishment ~ every hour
These fine estabshiments be welcoming pirates all night! Look fer the Black Flag outside! flag

List of Ports

All places of interest will need to see yer ID mate, keep it handy at all times but don't loose it!
(Pre Pirating) Wahoo's (map) 5:30 PM ish
Commandeer the Hop and head to downtown at 6:30ish to start our evening!

Bacaro Smuggler's Cove - 7PM ish
$10 (shimp cocktail or frfied risotto balls cone) + 1 Drink Special
Drink Specials Tempesta(Kraken rum and gingerale) or Bucaneer's Grog(Captn Morgan with lime/sugar) $4 without food

Walrus Chum Bucket - 8:/8:30 ish
$3 Chum Buckets and Crack Sparrows
Ye be greeted by a Rum distributer here! Enjoy Mateys!

Lazy Sea Salty Dog - 9:30/10 ish
$6 16oz PBR with a Fireball shot

Absinthe House O' ill Repute - 11/11:30 ish
$2 wells until midnight, a dollar off any rum you want and some other amazing surprise

Our Mateys at T|ACO will be staying open late for Patio Tacos for Pirates!

- Last Ship out of Boulder = 12:02 AM (Transit Station)
- Last Ship to Louisville = 11:07 PM (Transit Station)
- Last Ship to Table Mesa = 12:06 AM (Broadway)